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Article: Creative ways to style your bras and lingerie as outerwear

Style your bra as outerwear with this easy, free how-to guide

Creative ways to style your bras and lingerie as outerwear

Welcome back, lingerie lovers! Today, we're diving right into how to style your underwear as outerwear with the latest, creative tips and tricks - including some brand new ones you may have never seen before. Gone are the days of keeping your gorgeous lingerie hidden beneath layers of clothing. We believe that innerwear should be celebrated and given every opportunity to shine!

So if you're ready to add a touch of excitement and glamour to your everyday wardrobe, join us as we explore the art of wearing underwear as outerwear. And to better equip you for future innerwear styling, we'll introduce you to the exquisite creations of Angela Friedman, where a stunning world of luxury lingerie and silk loungewear await!

Wearing a floral longline bra with a high waisted skirt for summertime brunch style
The embroidered Flora bralette is the perfect longline style to pair with a high waisted skirt.

1. Embrace the power of a beautiful bra

Can you wear bras as outerwear? Absolutely! A stunning bra can instantly elevate your ensemble and become a focal point of your outfit, whether for a casual Sunday brunch or a romantic date night. There are several ways to achieve the look: Pair a lace bra or silk bralette with a sheer or low-cut top, letting the delicate trims and straps peek out strategically. Or choose a bra with a decorative back or racerback straps and put it on display with a backless dress. If you don’t want to show too much skin, consider wearing a longline bra or bustier with a high-waisted skirt or trousers, only displaying a small amount of midriff.

Styling a black lace bra as outerwear with a cardigan for a chic, fashion forward look
A lace longline style like the Dahlia bra will coordinate easily with any black clothing.

2. Don't forget about the back

There's more to lingerie than the front, so consider backless dresses and sheer tops for showing off the back of your bras and decorative straps. You can really play with contrasting colors and textures to create visually-appealing layers, and let that beautiful bra take center stage, even as you walk away! If you’re looking for fanciful bras that deserve the spotlight, Angela Friedman offers an extensive range of luxurious bralettes that combine comfort and style, making them perfect for showcasing the underwear as outerwear trend.

Wearing a bra as outerwear underneath a backless black dress
A backless dress is the perfect way to show off the back and straps of a colorful bra.

3. Layer with confidence

One of the secrets to successfully styling your underwear as outerwear is mastering the art of layering. For a look that’s both trendy and effortless, try incorporating a silk camisole or lace-trimmed chemise into your outfit. Layer it under a chic blazer or open cardigan, letting the lustrous textures of silk and lace peek through.

Silk and lace camisole with a cardigan for loungewear as outerwear styling
A silk and lace camisole pairs beautifully with a matching color, lightweight cardigan.

Camisoles aren’t just for sleepwear or hiding under a translucent top - We firmly believe they deserve to be displayed sometimes, too! Angela Friedman's 100% silk loungewear offers a variety of classic colors and textures, allowing you to find the perfect piece to express yourself.

4. Embrace the slip dress trend

Slip dresses have been making a major comeback in recent fashion trends, and they provide the ideal canvas for showcasing your silk lingerie. Opt for a slinky, bias-cut slip dress in a luxurious fabric like silk, and wear it confidently as a standalone piece. First, make sure the fabric is truly opaque to avoid any surprise sheerness in direct sunlight!

Styling a slip dress as outerwear for a peek of lace
A silk slip layers perfectly under floaty dresses and also provides some reassurance against any gusts of wind!

Alternatively, layer a slip or nightgown underneath a flowy dress, so that the lace hem can peek out if you face an unexpected gust of wind or subway grate a la Marilyn Monroe! An added smooth layer of silk satin will also help keep your skirt from bunching between your legs as you walk. (See our guide on why you should wear slips for more tips!) Angela Friedman's selections of silk slips and vintage-style nightgowns offer both styling versatility and unparalleled comfort, making them a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

5. Lounge in luxury

Speaking of slips, who says luxury loungewear is solely reserved for lazy weekends at home? We have a much better idea for you: Elevate your everyday style by incorporating silk loungewear into your outfits. Replace your basic sweatpants with a pair of flowing silk trousers or swap your oversized hoodie for a stylish silk robe, complete with tassels and beaded fringe.

Wearing a red silk vintage style robe as glamorous outerwear
Why keep your best silk robe in the boudoir when you can show it off in a red carpet worthy glamorous ensemble like this one?

These pieces not only exude elegance, but also provide exceptional comfort throughout the day or night. Why squeeze yourself into shapewear and bodycon cocktail dresses when you can look even more fabulous in a cascading silk dressing gown or flowy velvet caftan? Angela Friedman's collection of silk loungewear will make you feel like royalty, whether you’re dressing up for a Galentine’s Day party with friends, a glamorous masquerade ball, or a speakeasy date night with that special someone!

6. Our final tips for success

With a little creativity and a touch of bravery you can transform your underwear into a fashion statement even while out and about in the world! Remember, the ultimate key to success is confidence. If you aren't yet sure whether you can pull it off, start small! Begin with a peeking bra strap or just a touch of a lace edge, and work your way up to more dramatic looks. The more confidence you feel in your own skin, the better the entire ensemble will look.

By incorporating some beautiful lingerie and silk loungewear into your everyday outfits, you'll be absolutely en vogue with this season’s must-have pieces, and you may even start a new trend yourself! And remember, Angela Friedman is your go-to destination for indulging in the world of exquisite innerwear as outerwear. So go ahead, embrace the allure of silk lingerie and explore the endless possibilities of styling bras and loungewear as outerwear. Happy styling!

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