Top reasons to wear a silk slip!

Angela Friedman: top 10 reasons to wear a silk slip, why wear slips under your dresses

Left: horrible clingy fabric that will only continue to ride up. Right: with a silk slip!

1. To keep your legs from sticking to (and trapping) your skirt fabric

This is a personal favourite of mine, because I wear a lot of flowy, full skirts and textured sweater dresses. Probably my biggest fashion pet peeves is that feeling when your legs start to gobble up the fabric, leading to chafing, riding up, and that awkward static-cling look. Even if you aren't wearing a particularly full skirt, like a snug sweater dress (above), the fabric can grab onto your tights and bunch up madly!

As someone who hates tugging at and adjusting her clothes all day long, I've found that a silk slip is the perfect solution: It provides a snug, smooth layer between your skirt and your legs, which keeps your top layer dress in place. No matter how much running around you do, the slip will keep everything right where it ought to be!

2. To keep your fancy dresses clean for a second wearing

Unpopular opinion: your clothes may not need full laundering after every wear. Surely your intimates require washing after a single use, but that doesn't mean that every item in your wardrobe does! Particularly for fancy dresses that may be dry-clean only (or otherwise irritating to clean), wearing a slip underneath may get you an extra wearing.

Now this will depend on your personal use and how long you wear your clothes - and in what weather and circumstances... But if you're wearing a pretty dress out for an afternoon tea date (and you avoid jam spills!), you can probably get away with a second wearing. With a slip layered underneath, your sweat and natural body oils will absorb into the slip and not the dress, meaning that you can quickly handwash only your interior layer. This isn't a new or revolutionary idea, either! For many hundreds of years until very recently, both men and women generally only washed their innermost layer of clothing regularly, and exterior clothes were only spot-cleaned and occasionally laundered as needed. Now our modern hygiene expectations may be a bit more advanced than the Victorian era, but truly, many of your dresses can bear a second look!

Angela Friedman 100% silk slip, blush pink full slips and slip dresses with French lace trim

The blush pink Isabel slip

3. To add a layer under a semi-sheer outfit

This is the classic "just like mother said" reason for a slip, but that doesn't mean you should discount it! Even if your dress is only somewhat translucent, you may find that in direct sunlight, it shows more of your underwear than you'd like - and a poorly lit room indoors doesn't always tell the whole story. For best results, we recommend choosing something as close as possible to your skintone. Pro tip: Don't wear a white slip under a white dress! White on white will only further enhance any seams or bumps, whereas a brown or beige slip will blend in perfectly.

100% silk slip blue french lace full slips by UK designer Angela Friedman lingerie
The Lavinia slip with French lace trims

4. To feel like a glamorous Hollywood starlet

Don't believe me? Then you clearly haven't worn a silk slip under your boring work clothes before! You'll be amazed by how transformative a single item of clothing can be - even when it's for your eyes only. But especially with the softness and gentle swishing of silk against the skin, you'll instantly feel a little more elegant and refined. So go ahead, live a little! Turn a sleepy Monday at the office into a silver screen fantasy - and wear the slip!

Nicole silk slip and Genevieve silk camisole by Angela Friedman, 100% silk designer lingerie and lounge wear

The Nicole slip and Genevieve camisole

5. For a peek of lace - or to prevent a wardrobe malfunction

Who says your slip is never to be seen, ever, by anyone? When you choose a slip with a little hint of lace at the neckline or hem, you can create a subtle innerwear-as-outerwear look. Paired with a low-neckline blouse or cardigan, or with a dress that's just a pinch shorter, add a slip and you'll be perfectly styled for a special occasion. Not only that, but if your skirt accidentally flips up or swishes a little higher than you'd like over a subway grate (hey, it happens!), your slip will be there to rescue you - or give any onlookers a little peek of lace!

6. For smoothing your silhouette and hiding bumps from your underwear

Contrary to popular belief, it really doesn't take an expanse of flesh-squishing shapewear to smooth your silhouette. A bias-cut silk slip will often do the trick, and with a lot more comfort. Why? Bias-cut garments are cut on the diagonal of the fabric, meaning that while they're more expensive than straight-cut items (they use a lot more material), they have some unique fitting properties because of it. Since silk satin stretches on both diagonals, these slips smooth and mould with your curves. And because silk is a 100% natural fibre, it moulds even more over time and will shape to follow your silhouette, smoothing over any bumps along the way.

This is especially helpful when you're wearing other layers like bras or pantyhose, since slips smooth over any bumps from hardware, closures, or digging waistbands. Without a slip, your outer layers of a blouse or dress may hug to these little lumps, but wearing a slip gives you a bit more coverage for smooth lines.

Angela Friedman pink silk slip, Musette slip by Lydia Hudgens

7. Because life is too short to wear ugly pajamas!

Why settle for plain cotton PJs when you can lounge around at home in silk!? At Angela Friedman, we feel pretty strongly that you shouldn't save your best dressing-up to please others... So why invest only in the clothes that other people will see, often relegating old and shabby clothes for bedtime? We should treat ourselves better than that, including a little indulgence in beautiful sleepwear.

Nothing is more glamorous than snuggling up in your favourite silk slip, with a favorite book and perhaps a best-friend-cat or dog! Why not wear the finest fabrics and laces against your skin to sleep in? Pro tip: if you're buying a slip purely as nightwear, you may consider going up a size from your usual. Since you may toss and turn in your sleep, you won't want the clothing to feel restrictive at all, so a size larger will give you more freedom of movement.


I hope this will provide ample inspiration to get your imagination running with slip ideas! If you're ready to expand your lounge wear wardrobe, view our selection of slips here.

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