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Article: Gifting lingerie | A step-by-step guide

Lingerie gift guide and how to shop for underwear presents

Gifting lingerie | A step-by-step guide

Whether you're shopping for an anniversary gift for your sweetheart, a birthday present for your best friend, or a luxurious wedding gift for a bride-to-be, we know how daunting the task can be! Lingerie shopping isn't always easy, but we're here to help.

Our tips below will help guide you to finding the perfect gift from our lingerie and loungewear collections. If you have any further questions at all, just contact us for assistance and we’ll respond with personalized recommendations within 24 hours, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Choosing the perfect size

The most frequent question we get from gift-givers is "What size do I buy?!" No one wants to select the wrong size, and guessing can be quite difficult if you aren't familiar with how lingerie sizing works. Rest assured, we help our customers with this all the time. If you're in need of some extra advice, contact us with your questions and we'll help you find the perfect piece.

The simplest option is to peek into your lucky gift recipient’s wardrobe and peek at the tags on their favorite pieces - make sure to check several brands in case there are a range of sizes. If you can't find out the exact lingerie size, you can also use a US or UK dress or clothing size and compare it to our size charts.

Peach silk lingerie set with a lace bralette and silk knickers and tape measure

Unsure on sizing?

If you still aren’t too sure on sizing, or if you aren’t able to check their existing garments, we recommend buying garments that are looser or size-adjustable. A silk robe with a wrap-around tie allows for a variety of body shapes and sizes to fit comfortably. Alternatively, our ruffled panties all have ties at the side for adjustable fit. If you’d prefer to let your recipient pick out their favorite styles (and perfect size) themselves, a gift card gives them the option for whatever their heart desires, with the added bonus of avoiding any potential sizing mistakes.

Gifting a bra or bralette

We size our garments in a way that makes for easy gifting, which is why we don't use traditional bra sizes like 32B or 34C. Once you’ve found your giftee’s bra size, you can use our size charts to determine which size to purchase from our easy XS-XXL options.

Our bralettes will best fit cup sizes B and C, though many of our customers who wear an A or D cup are also happy with the fit. The cups of our bras are triangle-style, and many of them stretch to accommodate different breast volumes. This allows for a lot of flexibility with gifting, especially compared to traditional underwired bras. (Learn more about why bralettes are so comfortable and easy to fit.)

Although we love our full-cup size friends, there are technical limitations to wire-free bralettes, which are less supportive for larger cup sizes (above a D). If you're looking for luxurious silk and lace lingerie in full cup sizes DD - G, we can highly recommend the brand Harlow and Fox. We can also work with them on bespoke, collaborative lingerie sets which combine our designs with their specialist fit, for the best of both worlds.

You can also always choose a gift that doesn't require cup size fitting, like a wrapped robe or a pair of luxury silk panties to remove any concern about fit or sizing.
Selection of silk bralettes in black, white, and light pink

Choosing the perfect style

Once you’ve determined which size to buy, the next choice to make is which style of garment they’ll like best.

If this is a surprise gift, it's safest to buy something that will fit into their current wardrobe and tastes. Do they prefer more classic styles, like delicate lace lingerie sets or silk bralettes? How about all-out vintage inspired glamor to bring out that inner Old Hollywood star? Maybe they would like something that could also double up as outerwear, like a lace-trimmed silk camisole?

You'll also want to consider anything the recipient might have mentioned to you previously: Are there certain items which items make them feel fabulous, or others that don’t? Do they never wear skimpy thongs and prefer a little more coverage with briefs? Do garter belts feel “too sexy,” but a pretty bra and panty set under a date night dress would make them radiate with confidence?

If you’re buying a gift for a sweetheart, you can always shop together for something more adventurous later on, but the best way to ensure a lingerie gift will be well-received is to consider it from the perspective of the recipient, and the items that make them feel like their best self. (Pro tip: That might mean sticking with more traditional neutral colors rather than surprising someone with bright magenta!)

If this is their first introduction to luxury lingerie, a gift set of silk or lace knickers is a great initial buy that can easily be expanded upon later. Boxed gift sets are easy for sizing and aren’t quite as “lingerie” feeling as a full matched set with a garter belt, for example.

Alternatively, if you know that whoever you’re shopping for is already an aficionado of fine lingerie, how about indulging in something to take their collection to the next level? A sheer lace slip makes for a beautiful addition and will easily pair with their existing black lingerie sets. Or our silk ruffled panties make for a decadent piece to unwrap, with yards of silk ruffles cascading out of one of our signature pink gift boxes.

Red silk lingerie set with an embroidered bra, thong, and side-tie knickers

Choosing the perfect color

If you aren't able to peek at your giftee’s lingerie drawer to find out more about their favorite colors, or if you’re in doubt about the best color, black, ivory, and nudes are always safe choices. Our edit of black lingerie and loungewear showcases all of our styles in this classic, easy-to-wear shade, with the added bonus that your present will fit seamlessly into their existing collection for even more styling options. On the other hand, if you happen to know that they love pink or tend towards bright colors, go for it! Our collection of bestselling lingerie sets can give you some great inspiration for pieces that have proven popular with other customers.

Black silk and lace lingerie sets

Custom and bespoke gifting

If you’re in search of something next-level special, we also offer custom and bespoke options for any of our lingerie or loungewear. We can create a gift certificate for your chosen budget, and then work with your recipient to create the set of their dreams from our selections of fine silks and laces, with additional sizing options available for a made-to-measure fit.

You can read more about our custom and bespoke services to find out more about the process, then simply contact us to discuss your ideas.

Please note if you intend to purchase a custom item, lead times can vary according to our production calendar, so contact us for a current estimate. However, a lingerie gift card is a wonderful and immediate way to offer a last-minute present, and it extends the gift experience beyond the occasion itself. Our gift certificates are sent via email within 24 hours (usually much sooner!), so you’ll be able to share it with the recipient right away.

Easy gifting ideas

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Not to worry – we have plenty of inspiration for easy, gift-friendly choices that will be well received, no matter the recipient. Our regulars return to these choices again and again, so you can rest assured you’ve found something your giftee can’t help but love!

  • Silk ruffled panties (the side ties are adjustable to make sizing easier) are available in many different colors to suit everyone's preferences
  • Silk bralettes (they're even lined in silk!) and silk tap pants will have your gift recipient lounging in both style and comfort
  • 100% pure silk robes are especially luxurious gifts. Choose the Victoria or Musette styles for the most sizing flexibility because they wrap to fit any body type
  • Our best selling lingerie sets are a great guide to our most popular items - it’s like taking a friend shopping with you for a second opinion
  • For a smaller gift, try our ruffled silk sleep masks or black silk and lace blindfolds
  • Gift cards are available in varying amounts, and because they're digital, they're perfect for last-minute emergencies!
  • Don't forget to add a gift box by selecting "Luxe Packaging" at checkout! We offer 3 sizes of luxury boxes for the perfect finish:

Luxury lingerie gift boxes with pink bows

Practical considerations

  • Do you need your gift in time for a specific date, like a birthday or anniversary? Mention this in your order checkout notes so we can be sure it will arrive in time.
  • All orders ship in discreet packaging, either a plain brown cardboard box or grey mailing envelope. Please note that for international parcels, the required customs forms will include identifying information on the outside of the package, with descriptions and value of contents.
  • All price tags are automatically removed prior to shipping, so you won’t need to unpack anything before hanging over your beautifully wrapped gift.
Any other questions? Drop us an email, and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Choosing the perfect lingerie gift couldn’t be easier!

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