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Article: Interview in Business Insider

Lingerie designer Angela Friedman is interviewed by Business Insider

Interview in Business Insider

Though the lingerie industry can seem glamorous on the surface, the inner workings are still subject to the decidedly unglamorous challenges of business. With the rapidly fluctuating global news cycles, supply chain uncertainties, wider economic trouble, or marketing platforms preventing this sector from accessing the same services as other brands; lingerie businesses are currently facing a unique set of both challenges and opportunities. 

Business Insider lingerie industry article

Our designer Angela Friedman has been interviewed for an in-depth feature with Business Insider on the current situation in the industry, detailing just some of the ways small lingerie brands are adapting and thriving in this "new normal." From an influx of those working from home and now indulging in silk robes and loungewear, to a growing awareness of supporting small businesses and independent designers, we're proud to be able to offer beautifully made lingerie and loungewear throughout these uncertain times.

You can read the full feature with a trial membership at Business Insider, which will also give you access to all of their articles and insight.
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Shout out to everyone supporting small businesses instead of Amazon right now! You're the real heroes here, and I'm thrilled at how many of you have chosen to invest in slow fashion just in the last couple days. I've said it before and I'll say it again: You vote with your wallet. It may seem like only 1 small purchase at a time, but when many people show that they'd rather have ethically-made, sustainable, and local goods, the market *will* shift! In the last decade, I've already seen a massive increase in the number of conversations about what "slow fashion" means and how we can each do our part. These were fringe conversations amongst my maker friends when I started my business, and now they're much more mainstream and gaining even more traction. That's because of all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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