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Article: So you're working from home...

Pink silk satin chemise for working from home style essentials

So you're working from home...

The Coronavirus is deadly serious, and we've no intention of making light of the situation. Communities worldwide are panicking, and millions of workers have been sent to work from home. Angela Friedman remains open for the time being (although we're operating on a limited schedule and have been walking to the office in lieu of taking public transport), but we're very sympathetic to those whose offices have been turned upside down. Many of you may be working from home for the first time - and while you initially cheered the notion of sitting on the sofa with your laptop and a furry friend, we know that cabin fever can quickly set in!

We want to help. Whether you're seasoned at this or brand new to avoiding the distractions of home whilst trying to get through teleconferencing... One of the first questions you may have is "Oh no, what am I supposed to wear?!" The immediate joy of pajamas-all-day may end up in a bland cycle of old sweatshirts and leggings, items that bring comfort but little joy and even less feeling of style or self-confidence. So what's a modern woman to do? Wear a button down and pantsuit whilst scrambling to turn the kitchen table into an impromptu desk space? There must be a better way!

So here is our practical guide to lounge wear style for when you're working from home. We've broken it down into 4 different categories depending on your lifestyle, with recommendations that will help you to keep sane whilst cooped up with your partner, roommate, children, kitten, or whoever else may be interrupting your work schedule right now.

Pink silk robe on a lingerie model with an orange tabby cat

The brand-new-to-this worker

Have you never worked from home before? Maybe you're still sorting out how to use your conference call app or you're navigating the constant temptation of junk food in the pantry. You're probably barely keeping your head above water here while your coworkers slack off and play video games through extended lunch breaks. You're probably trying your damnedest to not kill your partner who is also working from home and if they play Dancing Queen one more time, you just might just lose it!!

We hear you. The earlier excitement of not having to commute has quickly devolved into full-on stress migraines, and you have no time for anyone's nonsense. You especially have no time for anything even remotely uncomfortable: You already shelled out for that fancy, ergonomic keyboard and a chair that doesn't totally destroy your lower back by the end of the day. But have you thought about... your clothes?

I know, you don't have time to think about clothes! You have 15 emails to write before noon and your mother keeps calling "just to see how you're doing..." But... What about your clothes? Are you wearing itchy, polyester undies? A beige, molded-cup, t-shirt bra from 2004? Are your underwires digging in? The elastic in your lounge pants is shot and they keep slipping down? Honey, you deserve better!

Take our advice, and treat yourself to some quality silk underwear that actually feels nice. Indulge in a few lingerie sets that don't cut in and feel soft and gentle against your sensitive skin. Underwear may normally be the last thing on your mind, but you should start building your comfort from the inside out. How much are you really enjoying that cosy sweater anyway if it's worn over a constricting underwire bra that pokes and prods? (Bonus: Learn all about the joy of bralettes and why they're more comfortable here.)

Breathable silk panties and comfortable lace thongs
Silk, lace, and embroidered knickers from our 10th anniversary collection

The parent: 2 full time jobs at once

For parents, working from home brings new challenges. Maybe classes are cancelled and you suddenly have an unruly toddler (or teenager) to entertain all day. Or maybe you previously relied on childcare from your partner, parents, or neighbors who are now unable to help. And the toughest part? You still have your other job - the one that pays the bills - and all of its own challenges to contend with.

You're probably not as concerned with your personal style as you were when your children were in school full-time. (And really, you deserve a medal for even getting out of bed after they woke you up at 5am demanding ice cream for breakfast...) So how do you manage still feeling like you when your life is so tied up in other people's needs? How can you take a moment to enjoy being a beautiful woman when you're elbow-deep in last night's dishes?

We expect that you're in full-on Pajamas and a Messy Bun Mode right now, and we would be too! So when you do have a minute to yourself, you need an outfit pick-me-up that's easy and carefree. No fuss, no shapewear, no complicated straps. Mom, you need a really nice robe. Once you've made lunch and the kids are down for a nap (please, please stay asleep!), and you have a little bit of time to feel human again... Slip on a silk dressing gown for an hour! Put it on over your old, torn pajamas and take a deep breath. You can do this. Let's take it one day at a time, Boss Mama.

Black silk robe by Angela Friedman lingerie
Our handmade silk robes offer comfortable lounging at home.

The boss-from-home

Maybe you're the boss and have descended into full-on panic mode over the thought of whether or not your staff can maintain productivity in their own homes. Or maybe you're settling in perfectly well, but have just learned that you'll need to take meetings from home over video chat. Maybe you often worked from home previously, but important events and presentations have also moved to a digital platform, leaving you asking... What do I wear for a business meeting from home?!

Sure, you can dress up fully in a suit and tie, but are you really going to wear that all day long just because you have a 4 o'clock scheduled with the client? Realistically, you don't have the time or energy to change outfits multiple times a day for various functions. You need something that can transition from lounge-comfort into business-appropriate. You need silk camisoles.

Silk camis are the perfect innerwear-to-outerwear trend that will make you feel like a gorgeous, strong, boss babe. Wear your favourite silk lounge set all day long, and when it comes time for that Big Important Meeting, toss a cashmere cardigan or tailored blazer on top to elevate your look. You'll be fully covered but still comfortable - and since your webcam only shows you from the waist-up, no one will know or care that you have leggings or silk pajama pants on!

Silk camisole and vintage style tap pants and french knickers
These silk and lace Heather camisoles and tap pants are luxurious for layering.

The self-care queen

When faced with disasters, often we turn to activities that stress us out even more: obsessively watching the news, drinking too much, smoking... But what if we instead focused on things that make us feel better? Maybe now is the time to get back into yoga, institute family game night, or just make a special pancake breakfast on a Tuesday. It's time to treat ourselves better.

If we burn out, we won't have anything to share or give to others. We have to take care of our own wellbeing so that we'll be strong enough to help others - and that starts from the inside out! A customer recently shared with us that she wears her Louisa silk bralettes every single day. As a yoga instructor, she needs something that's soft, flexible, and breathable for her practice. Do you have the lingerie that you need for your self-care routine? Here are some bestselling suggestions from our Tenth Anniversary collection:

Fancy silk lingerie sets

Need more ideas and suggestions for working-from-home style? Read up on "9 ways to style your innerwear as outerwear" on our blog. Thank you for being a part of our small business and for helping us to bring beautiful clothes to help women tackle this wild world. And please stay safe and healthy out there!

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