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Luxury lingerie sets in coral silk and lace by designer Angela Friedman

The Reverie Collection

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luxury lingerie sets in pink embroidery, real silk, and french lace

Why invest in luxury lingerie?

At Angela Friedman, we believe in offering only the best: Luxury garments, handcrafted from the finest materials like pure silk and imported French lace. But if you haven't yet indulged in our exquisite underwear and lounge wear sets, you may wonder if it's really worth it.

On our blog, we're covering all of the details that make Angela Friedman clothing so special, like local and small-batch manufacturing, guaranteed top quality products, and exclusive designs that you won't find anywhere else.

Learn more about luxury lingerie.

Sewing room for Angela Friedman's ethical manufacture of lingerie

Ethical manufacturing

We proudly create each of our designs in a small English atelier, using the highest ethical manufacturing standards, with luxury textiles and trimmings. When you shop at Angela Friedman, you're supporting a small business, living wages, high quality and long-lasting garments, unique designs that won't be found anywhere else, and environmentally-friendly production.

Read our ethical manufacturing guarantee and learn about our sustainable business practices for more information on how we make our products better for customers, our team, and the environment.

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