The Versailles Collection : Spring Summer 2013

The Versailles Collection embodies all of the luxury and delicacy that a high-end lingerie line requires.  From the emphasis on fine detailing to the selection of luscious silks and timeless colors, this collection truly demonstrates refined tastes and true opulence. Angela Friedman's first complete collection emphasizes indulgence and grace, and its hourglass silhouettes and draped gentle silks are designed to evoke a vintage feel within a modern aesthetic.

These feminine designs offer women the opportunity to indulge in their own fairytale fantasy, both feeling confident and looking radiant. By encompassing both worlds of comfort and luxury, the line is certain to please! All of the fabrics are selected for their classic and elegant appeal, from exquisite metallic brocades to dainty French laces.  The addition of features such as hand embroidery and yards of frothy silk ruffles only make the line more glamorous.