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The Trousseau Collection | Lookbook

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The Trousseau Collection was designed with the modern bride in mind.  She may be a blushing bride in traditional layers of lace or an avant-garde bride in a white tux - but either way, she has style. Unmistakably personal, refined styleThis collection is for the lover and the individual in each of us, with the understanding that lingerie should be for the wearer to enjoy the most!

Whether you'd like to drape yourself in the sleek folds of silk satin, or you prefer the gentle ruffling of English lace, this newest Angela Friedman collection is for you. Each classic style is available in both ivory and black, making these designs perfect for any occasion. Our mix-and-match styling also makes for easy pairing between the bras and knickers. This makes for easy gifting, as well as offering more ways to incorporate the new pieces into your wardrobe.  Welcome to a new world of lustrous silk and fine English lace!