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The Gilded Collection | Lookbook

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Amidst a decadent setting of frilly lace, sweet pastries, and extravagant furnishings, the scene is set: The Gilded Collection aims to indulge you in every luxury, from elegant strands of pearls to luscious silk lingerie. Set your pin curls in a retro wave, close your eyes, and imagine yourself running the halls of Versailles in your fabulous skivvies!

We've created a muted color palette that would impress even the Queen of France: romantic teal blue, darling blush pink, and of course gold silk. Choose from soft stretch lace bralettes and knickers, or perhaps a full brocade corset ensemble that's complete with ruffled rosette suspenders and silk ruffled panties! You'll be channeling Marie Antoinette in no time with our gold silk robes and 3 piece pink lingerie sets (also lined in silk)! Every woman deserves a little escape from the mundane, so treat yourself to a new lingerie and lounge wear wardrobe from Angela Friedman.