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Article: Lingerie trends for 2024 and beyond

Lingerie trends for 2024 and beyond

Lingerie trends for 2024 and beyond

In the realm of luxury lingerie, each year brings forth a new wave of trends, blending fresh concepts with timeless classics that never go out of style. As we begin 2024, Angela Friedman's captivating collections remain on-trend as always, including the latest innovations while upholding the brand's signature sophistication. Let's embark on a journey through the hottest trends in luxury lingerie for 2024, exploring colors, design elements, fabrics, and sustainable practices that define the current landscape of opulent undergarments:

Color Trends

This year, the color palette dominating luxury lingerie collections can be broken down into a few contained groupings: Earth tones, jewel tones (plus brights!), and neutrals and pastels. While classic hues like black, white, and shades of nude persist as perennial favorites, 2024 introduces an infusion of earthy tones and rich bold hues, evoking a sense of decadence and flirty fun.

  • Earth tones: From olive green to terracotta and deep brown, earthy hues are back on trend this year, and the depth of these colors simply exude understated luxury and sophistication.
  • Jewel tones: Emerald green, indigo blue, deep plum, and bold magenta take center stage, offering a deep and bright aesthetic that commands attention. The brighter cousins of jewel tones, brights, are also on trend this year, including hot pink, bright periwinkle, and even chartreuse green.
  • Pastels and neutrals: Soft pastels and neutral shades, including blush pink, champagne, and soft grey, continue to captivate us with their subtle charm. Versatile and understated, these colors seamlessly blend into any wardrobe, and disappear beautifully under clothing – a very important feature with undergarments!
Jewel tone purple lingerie and silk loungewear sets

Jewel tones, like this luscious plum silk Heather range, reign supreme for 2024!

Neutral lingerie sets in black lace, white silk, and pink satin

Neutral toned lingerie sets also remain on trend. You can't go wrong with the classics!

Design Elements

In the realm of design, 2024 embraces both boldness and delicacy, as modernity intertwines with vintage-inspired motifs to create a tapestry of new concepts blending with classics.

  • Intricate embroidery: A hallmark of luxury lingerie this year, intricate embroidery adorns garments with exquisite detail. We’re not seeing many overly simplistic designs this year – it’s all about big, bold patterns that are high contrast and feature detailed layers of built up threads. Whether it's a traditional floral motif or a more abstract design, you’ll find embroidered lingerie sets in every shop this year.
  • Lace and sheer fabrics: Lace continues to reign supreme, revered for its timeless allure and feminine feel. Paired with sheer fabrics such as chiffon or mesh, lace takes on a contemporary edge for 2024, offering a tantalizing glimpse of skin while maintaining an air of refinement. Lately we’re seeing more geometric lace designs for a modern update on the classics.
  • Vintage-inspired silhouettes: Drawing inspiration from bygone eras, vintage-inspired designs have made a triumphant return. From high-waisted briefs to structured corsets, these retro-chic designs celebrate the silhouettes of the Victorian era and Old Hollywood starlets. For some inspiration on how to tap into this nostalgia, read our article on How to Channel Old Hollywood Glamour!
Fancy embroidered robe and floral lingerie set

Intricately embroidered textiles like our bestselling Camellia range are probably the #1 lingerie trend for 2024!

Old Hollywood style with vintage inspired silk robes

The glamour of vintage style is absolutely everywhere in the lingerie world right now. Angela Friedman's famous silk Simone robes absolutely epitomize Old Hollywood glamour.

Innovative Fabrics and Textures

Innovation takes center stage as luxury lingerie brands explore new horizons in fabric selection, prioritizing both sustainability and sensory indulgence. We’ve seen these trends increasing every year lately, so you can expect to see much more of these in the coming seasons!

  • Eco-friendly textiles: As sustainability gains prominence in every market, luxury lingerie brands (including Angela Friedman!) embrace eco-friendly materials such as 100% pure silk, organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled lace. These materials not only minimize environmental impact but also offer unparalleled comfort and quality, embodying a commitment to conscious luxury.
  • Velvet and satin: Luxuriously tactile and sumptuously soft, velvet and satin emerge as key players in 2024's lingerie landscape. These opulent fabrics add a touch of glamour to intimate apparel, enveloping the wearer in a cocoon of sensual indulgence and timeless elegance.
  • Mesh and tulle: Lightweight and ethereal, mesh and tulle lend a sense of whimsy and romance to luxury lingerie collections. Paired with delicate lace and intricate embroidery, these sheer fabrics create a mesmerizing interplay of texture and transparency, captivating the senses with their understated allure.
100% silk lingerie set

There's nothing more decadent against the skin than a 100% pure silk lingerie set like our Louisa range.

Black mesh bodysuit with racerback and lace detail

The bold paneling of black mesh and French lace in the Evelyn bodysuit is a modern masterpiece!

Sustainability in Luxury Lingerie

In an era defined by environmental consciousness, luxury lingerie brands are embracing sustainability as a core priority, focusing on ethical production practices and eco-friendly materials. Angela Friedman has been prioritizing local production and sustainable manufacturing since launching in 2012, so we’re thrilled to see some of the bigger players finally catching up to this “trend” that really should be standard by now.

  • Sustainable materials: Angela Friedman leads the charge in sustainability, utilizing primarily natural fibers (silk!) and even recycling textile off-cuts to limit waste to nearly 0. Customers have long asked for more eco-friendly designs without sacrificing on style, so in 2024 you can expect to see more lingerie companies following suit.
  • Ethical production: Transparency and accountability are paramount in ethical production, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and respectful treatment of artisans throughout the supply chain. Angela Friedman's dedication to ethical production practices ensures that every garment is crafted with integrity in a safe and environmentally-friendly office and workshop, reflecting a commitment to social responsibility. Read more about our ethical manufacturing guarantee!
  • Slow fashion: Embracing the principles of slow fashion, luxury lingerie brands encourage consumers to adopt a mindful approach to consumption, prioritizing quality over quantity and investing in pieces that stand the test of time. By fostering a culture of conscious consumerism, Angela Friedman and other leading brands are paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable future in fashion. If you’d like to take better care of your garments to ensure a longer life span, read our article on how to hand wash your lingerie.
Behind the scenes of ethical lingerie production by Angela Friedman in England

All Angela Friedman designs are individually handcrafted in a private atelier in England, where we can oversee every component of our safe, sustainable production locally.

Sewing room for Angela Friedman's ethical manufacture of lingerie

When we say ethically handmade, we mean it: Every Angela Friedman garment is manufactured in-house using 100% renewable energy!

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of luxury lingerie, the trends of 2024 offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future of intimate apparel. From bold new colorways and intricate embroidery to sustainable practices and vintage-inspired silhouettes, Angela Friedman's collections epitomize contemporary luxury, offering you the perfect blend of style, sophistication, and sustainability. Explore the latest trends and indulge in our gorgeous undergarments, crafted with care and imbued with timeless elegance: Shop Angela Friedman bestsellers!

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