How to put on a corset yourself - with videos!

We know that corsets can be a bit intimidating if you haven't worn them before. You may be thinking, what size do I wear? How will it feel? Can I breathe? (Yes, you can!) But the most common question we get is simply "How the heck do I put this thing on?!"

Worry not - it's not as hard as you think to put a corset on, all by yourself, without any assistance whatsoever. To prove it to you, we've created 2 quick videos that show how it's done. With a little practice, you can put on your waspie corsets within just 2 minutes and your full sized overbust corsets within 4! You can view each video on Youtube below:

How to lace up your corset:

How to lace up your corset videos, how to put on a corset by yourself, corsetry lacing instructions video help

How to lace up your waist cincher:

How to lace up your corset video waist trainer cincher, how to put on a corset by yourself, corsetry lacing instructions diagram help


Still not totally sure you can do it? With your corset purchase, we send along detailed wearing instructions to help! You'll receive the following leaflet (with diagrams!) on how to properly put on your corset, how to break it in without hurting yourself, how to properly remove it, and wash and care instructions.

how to lace up your corset, corsetry lacing instructions diagram picture videos how-to 

As for sizing and fit...

UPDATED: View our corset size guide blog post for more detailed instructions on choosing the correct size. (Or continue reading for an abbreviated version.)

You'll see on our corset product pages that sizes are listed like this: S - 23" waist, M - 25" waist, etc. So what exactly does that mean? The waist measurements listed are the actual corset size at the waist, not your waist measurement. Our corsets should be up to 4" smaller than your natural waist for beginners or up to 6" smaller for more experienced corset wearers (and those with particularly squeezable midsections). Note that this refers to your natural waist, which is usually just a bit above your navel, and not around the hip bones or where your low-rise jeans would sit.

Keep in mind that if you're very muscular, such as having a swimmer's build, your body will probably not compress very much compared to those with less muscle. If you're unsure about how your body type will fit within our ready to wear sizing, we're happy to answer your specific questions if you contact us via email. All corsets should be worn with a small gap at the back, for comfort over your spine.

For example, if you naturally have a 31" waist (79cm), you may fall between sizes L and XL in the waist. Our size L corset has a 27" waist and our size XL corset has a 29" waist. So if you would like up to 4" of waist reduction, choose the size L. If you would prefer a light smoothing effect, without much constriction, then you may prefer the size XL.

Please note that our overbust style corsets are best suited for a B or C cup size. (D cups will generally fit as well, but you may find a little extra cleavage or push-up effect results.) Make sure to consult our size chart to ensure that your bust will also fit into the size corset you've selected. If you have a fuller bustline, you may instead want to choose an underbust style corset and pairing it with a well-fitted bra of your choice. 

If you still have questions at all about how to choose the correct size corset, please contact us! We make a really strong effort to reply to your emails right away, and our contact form is the quickest way to get in touch. Just provide us with detailed information about your fitting concerns, including body circumference measurements if you're able - they're much more accurate than dress sizes, as those can vary between brands.

We also offer semi and fully custom sizes on every single one of our designs, including a remote fitting service for toiles where necessary. Note that we are not medical professionals and cannot advise you on health or safety questions. If you have any concerns about how a corset might interact with your body, please consult your doctor.