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The Versailles Collection | Lookbook

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Imagine yourself gliding through the mirror-lined ballrooms of the Palace of Versailles, your silk gown trailing behind you. You dance past other masqueraded courtiers, each one dripping with delicate lace and strings of pearls that glisten under the candle-lit chandeliers. The banqueting tables are lined with sweet pink delicacies, you can hear the dulcet sounds of harpsichords and violins, and you steal away into a quiet corridor to catch your breath!

What a life it seems- something wild and glamorous, perhaps out of a great film (Sofia Coppola, anyone?). And with our modern understanding of class politics, something grim lurks under the surface... But you don't have to embody vintage values to appreciate vintage style, and that's what The Versailles Collection is all about! At Angela Friedman, we believe that every woman should have the chance to live out her Marie Antoinette fantasy, to perfume her hair and wear silk night dresses and long tulle robes. Maybe you won't have the chance to dance at Versailles (or maybe you will!), but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying just a small piece of the proverbial pie. Just this once, you can have your cake and eat it too!