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At First Blush | Lookbook

As the morning dawns, the first blush of sunlight cascades through the windows... She begins her day by wrapping a long robe around her, the folds of silk draping luxuriously against her skin. She pours a cup of coffee, selects a pastry and some delicate fruits, and sits for a few moments to enjoy the quiet of the morning. Perhaps she selects an ordinary cotton dress to wear to work today - but underneath it, she'll wear something special that's just for herself and no one else.

At first blush, it may seem like any other normal day... but each day is transformed into something grand with a carefully curated lingerie collection. Whether or not anyone else sees the silk and French lace hiding under your clothing, you'll know that when you wear Angela Friedman lingerie, today becomes something extraordinary. So indulge a little and choose to start your day with a dash of silk and French lace.