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The Nouvelle Collection | Lookbook

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The first of our London collections, we're pleased to introduce Nouvelle. A celebration of the simple but elegant things in daily life, this season is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement that began in late 19th century Britain. With its uncomplicated designs, this collection highlights the skill and artistry behind clothing construction, from delicate seam finishes to the beautiful simplicity of 100% silk.

The Arts and Crafts movement aimed to elevate the craftsperson as an artist and their work as high art, just as we hope to demonstrate the beauty of handmade clothing. We live in an age of increasingly industrial processes, with fast fashion taking over our closets and few people understanding how clothing is made. But people do care about the story behind their shopping - and nothing can replace the intrinsic value of a garment that has been lovingly, sustainably, and ethically hand crafted. We hope that you share our renewed interest in this wonderful movement that sought to lift up the artist's standing in society, to give craftspeople ownership over their work and businesses, to encourage communities of artists to spring up and support each other, and to promote seemingly-everyday objects (such as lingerie?) into treasured belongings.

With this collection's lack of artifice and ostentation, we chose to focus on textiles and let the hand crafting tell the story. With the striking, clean lines of a silk robe and the intrinsic luxury of French chantilly lace, you'll be transported to a fantasy realm of subtlety and simple pleasures. The Nouvelle Collection encourages you to indulge in everyday joys, from an uncluttered boudoir to the layers that touch your skin most intimately. This is a moment to find reverie and clarity.

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris