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If there's one thing we all need help doing in this frenetic world, it's slowing down. Our constant struggles with work-life balance and our hectic social calendars leave little room for stopping to enjoy the little things - much less recharging and resting! That's what Angela Friedman's newest lingerie campaign is all about: Adagio is here to help you relax and let it all go.

With its selection of uncomplicated but exquisitely-styled lingerie and lounge wear favourites, Adagio invites you to take a deep breath and get lost in a romantic daydream. (Even if only for 5 minutes.) You'll be amazed by how quickly you can focus on more important things when you're not fussing over cutting-in elastics or prodding underwires. But you needn't sacrifice style for relaxation! These lingerie designs are expertly handcrafted to indulge you in complete comfort and effortless, timeless beauty. Featuring fine, breathable textiles such as  100% silk satins and imported French lace, our underwear sets, sleep wear, and even our corsets will impress you with their wearing ease. So sit back and relax with a good book, pour that perfect cup of tea, and enjoy shopping the Adagio collection.