Pink and blue slip dress, bias cut in silk satin in the vintage styleVintage pink and blue slip in 100% silk satin

Victoria slip

£ 195 GBP
Vintage-inspired black robe, handmade of pure silk satin with bowsOld Hollywood style dressing gown in black silk satin

Simone robe

£ 446 GBP
Black, vintage-style night gown and slip in 100% silk satin with black and silver laceOld Hollywood slip in bias cut silk, handcrafted in the vintage style

Lavinia slip

£ 188 GBP
Pink silk satin corset with blush laces and steel boningBrigitte corset in silk satin with steel boning in a Victorian style

Brigitte corset

£ 454 GBP
Silk and lace robe by lingerie designer Angela Friedmanuxury dressing gown robe in 100% silk and black lace

Iris robe

£ 332 GBP
Luxury, designer lingerie set in green silk satin, including a bralette and thongGreen silk thong panties by Angela Friedman

Shannon thong

£ 50 GBP
Luxury black waspie corset with steel boning and 100% silk satinblack waspie corset with real steel boning and 100% silk satin

Orchid waspie

£ 157 GBP
luxury vintage-style lingerie set with a black lace corsetBlack lace Lavinia corset in the old hollywood style with silver trim

Lavinia corset

£ 408 GBP
Luxury designer corset in pink and black lace with an overbust style sweetheart silhouetteEvelyn overbust corset in pink bengaline with french lace

Evelyn corset

£ 408 GBP
Vintage inspired, burgundy red dressing gown with tulle rufflesRetro, dotted net dressing gown with tulle ruffles and silk belt

Ambrosia robe

£ 325 GBP
Luxury designer lingerie set and waspie corset in black silk and laceLavinia waspie

Lavinia waspie

£ 164 GBP
Luxury lingerie set with a gold pink waspie corset and bowLuxury waspie corset with blush pink brocade and gold french lace

Isabel waspie

£ 185 GBP
Blush satin Isabel corset with silk brocade and white silk ruffled pantiesAngela Friedman blush satin Isabel corset in silk brocade

Isabel corset

£ 487 GBP