"Kitties are the best medicine" knickers

"Kitties are the best medicine" knickers


These knickers are printed with "Kitties are the best medicine" and it's so true. Whether you're having a cranky pants day, are feeling the PMS grouchies, or just want to stay in bed all day with Mr. Whiskers, these are for you!  This is the perfect gift for any crazy cat lady or kitten enthusiast.

Every purchase includes a donation of 5% to the ASPCA! What could make you feel better than getting cute knickers and also helping animals in need?

These semi-sheer knickers are made completely locally in Durham, North Carolina.  Even the custom-printed fabric is both manufactured and printed within 4 miles of our studio!  The fabrics are soft-as-a-whisper and  easy to wash and wear (handwash recommended, lay flat to dry). They feature a cotton crotch liner, a  low-rise bikini cut and soft but firm elastics to keep everything in place.

Our knickers are not returnable for hygienic reasons, so please ask any fitting questions prior to making your purchase.  Graphic design by Quinne Myers.

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