Holly underbust corset

Holly underbust corset


The Holly underbust corset is a stunning ballet-inspired waist cincher, created in cranberry red with ruched silk trimmings, cut to nip in your tiny new waist. Pair it with the matching Giselle bralette and panties, or layer it over a little black dress for an effortless hourglass silhouette.

This model is made in rayon/cotton bengaline and features silk trim and hand-embroidered flossing along the bottom edge. The corset is shaped to support the ribs without constricting your breathing too much, while gently compressing the waist.

All of our corsets are made with only steel boning (18 to 30 pieces, depending on size and style.)  They're made with an understructure of English coutil and a twill waist tape, guaranteed never to stretch. The gold tone busk closure at the front allows for easy dressing and undressing, and it features an under-busk flap of fabric to protect your skin from pinching. The gold grommets at the back are triple reinforced and there is a built-in modesty placket under the laces to prevent chafing from the lacing strings.  Dry clean only. 


Please see below for actual garment measurements at the waist.  The corset should be 4-6" smaller than your natural waist, and it should be worn with a small gap at the back.

XS- 21"

S- 23"

M- 25"

L- 27"

XL- 29"

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