Angela Friedman is moving to London!

I'm so excited to finally share the big news with you:

We're moving to London and relaunching Angela Friedman in the UK!



Relocating to London will help us to expand like never before. We'll dive into European markets, better serve our growing number of worldwide customers, gain access to fine British and French textiles (hello, leavers lace!), and travel Europe to find inspiration for upcoming collections and new designs.  This will be an enormous change from operating here in the United States, but we're ready to accept the challenge and leap headfirst into this new adventure!

I want you to know, first and foremost, that this change will not affect the beautiful products you know and love. Our designs will still be lovingly handcrafted of the finest materials, and we'll continue to develop new styles seasonally - albeit with some new local influences! But the brand name that you trust will remain unchanged, guaranteed.

How will this affect our customers right now? Please see the following timeline:

  • January 1 through February 28, 2018: Business as usual, including all current designs available for purchase.
  • March 1 through May 15, 2018: We will continue to sell only in-stock merchandise. Once materials and existing inventory sell out, we will not be replenishing them until the relaunch in London.
  • May 15 through early autumn 2018: Business will be closed entirely. We'll be busy relocating, sourcing new vendors, and setting up shop in the UK.

And how will this affect our customers in the long term?

  • For our British and EU customers, it will become even easier to purchase Angela Friedman lingerie, with much faster shipping times and VAT-inclusive pricing. For the first time, you'll be able to attend our pop up shops and trunk show events in London.
  • For our American customers, you'll only see a small increase in shipping prices and times. The Royal Mail is quite efficient and reliable, and we will always have the ability to express ship items to you via your preferred courier. We'll still plan on holding regular events in New York for those of you who enjoy private shopping in person. 
  • For our customers around the rest of the world, your shopping experience will remain largely the same. Our website will continue to be your portal to Angela Friedman lingerie, the only change being that your currency will convert into British pounds instead of American dollars.

So don't delay - If you have your eye on something, place your order within the next 6 weeks or risk having to wait until the autumn. Shop Angela Friedman!

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