New price cuts on your favorite styles!

Pricing our designs can be a rather monstrous process... It's much more complex than materials + labor = price! At Angela Friedman, we have many extras to account for, from marketing costs to business insurance to bank fees and web hosting.  And that's not even to consider potential changes in fabric costs due to the fluctuating economy or textile mills closing (which means we have to find new sources all together!)

Sometimes we find that our final prices must change due to these factors, and it can really go either way. At the start of each year, we do a quick re-evaluation of current styles and the cost of re-stocking them. As we begin to focus less on wholesale accounts and more on selling direct to our customers, this time we've found that we can offer many price drops on your favorite styles! In fact, there's only one style with an increased price this season, the Iris robe, due to increased lace prices from France. (And it's only $5, so not too terrible.)

The biggest price cuts were to our Clair de Lune robes, now for $220 for the black tulle version and $235 for ivory tulle (price cuts of $60 each!).  Also with big cuts were the Veronique underbust corsets, cut by $25, now at $495 each for either the black silk corset or ivory silk corset.

Most of these changes are due to sourcing new lower-cost trims in higher quantities, as well as changes in our manufacturing processes. Sometimes we discover more efficient ways of sewing things and pass on the savings to you! Either way, I assure you that you'll find that each design is just as beautiful and luxurious as before. Here is our selection of new price cut designs:

Angela Friedman